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Moscow is a federal city, and the Russian capital. It has its own territory and population, is home to bodies of state and local governments, and has its own coat of arms, flag, and anthem. 
Founded in 1147 (first mentioned in the Hypatian Codex).

Geography. Moscow is situated in the centre of the European part of Russia, in the interfluve of the Oka and Volga rivers and the centre of the Moscow region. The city’s main waterways artery is the Moskva River, whose middle reaches run through the city zone and debouch into the Oka River, the largest right tributary of the Volga.

Area. 1,081 square meters.

Population. 10.5 million people (resident population, according to the Federal State Statistics Service as of January 1, 2008).

Ethnic representation (descending, by population): Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Armenians, Azeris, Jews, Belarusians, Georgians, Moldovans, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Mordovians, etc.

Moscow can be considered the very heart and soul of Russia — and with good cause. Despite its old age, the city is eternally youthful, multifaceted yet holistic. Moscow is growing and changing rapidly, while at the same time managing to remain an essentially Russian city.

Moscow’s history, which stretches back almost a thousand years, is reflected in its rich architecture, crowned by the Kremlin. It is worth traveling to Moscow — even if just for one day — to admire the Kremlin’s majestic ensemble created by the genius of Italian architects and devoted labor of unknown Russian craftsmen. The Kremlin’s perfect composition and the reserved triumph of its each and every detail has inspired 20th century architects to design seven skyscrapers in central Moscow, which have all shaped the city’s modern appearance. Moscow has seamlessly brought together all construction periods and all architectural styles, yet retaining a unique harmony amidst such a variety.

Moscow is undoubtedly Russia’s theater and music capital. It hosts the country’s main theater, the Bolshoi Theater, as well as the oldest one, the Maly Theater. Local theaters stage over a hundred premiers annually. The Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatory ranks among the best concert halls in the world, and it also happens to be the most prestigious one in Russia. Hundreds of international, national and local festivals invigorate Moscow annually, with many concerts and performances taking place right in the city’s streets.

Moscow hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1980 and the World Youth Games in 1998. All sorts of athletic competitions are held in Moscow, which offers 10 large stadiums, over 200 swimming pools, 40 sports palaces and more than 20 covered ice rinks. Everyone will find a hearty welcome, from professional sportsmen and spectators to the average fitness buff.

Moscow also harbors museum treasures and art galleries, old estates and beautiful parks. Wrapped up in myriads of lights, looking romantic and glamorous, Moscow captivates visitors with its thriving nightlife.

But Moscow doesn’t only appeal to tourists. Businessmen find treasures here as well, with so many of them attracted by the city’s dynamic economic development and the stable policy pursued by its authorities, not to mention the grandiose scale and diversity of Moscow’s markets, its strong infrastructure, and the high intelligence and professionalism that Muscovites are known for.

Moscow has something for everyone!

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